Logo Design


This is a logo for a Fitness Academy. The brief was simple, it must feature a lion and use the Great British Flag colours.

Poster Campaign Design


This is a poster campaign for the National Student Housing Survey. The campaign was based on the slogan ‘Improve Your Accommodation’. The idea was that if you filled in the survey about student housing you could help make a difference to your own accommodation. The concept for the design was based on simple household items…

Catalogue Design


This is a sales catalogue for Get Geared motorcycle accessories. As the sale was for only a few items, the brief was to make the most of each product. This allowed more space for bigger images of each offer. The pages were all themed too so each page had its own unique design.

Logo Design


This is a logo design for a Pilates instructor – Janine Quirk. Janine takes pride in how she makes her clients feel after working with them. This is why the image is a figure who is happy and moving freely. Eagle eyed viewers may also notice Janine’s initials hidden in the figure

Logo & T-Shirt Design


This is a logo for a new Cross Fit competition. The logo had to be striking but simple enough to work well printed onto t-shirts, clothing and banners.