Since leaving university with First Class Honours in Graphic Design, I’ve spent over 10 years working with Design Agencies and Printers both on a freelance and permanent basis.

I’ve had all manner of experience working in design for print and web. I’m now a Freelance Graphic Designer and working with all kinds of clients from established educational institutes to up and coming new businesses and even a ‘massage parlour’ in New Zealand!

So, whoever you are or whatever you need I can do the job for you, on time and on budget.

On a personal level, I live in the North East of England with my beautiful wife, Heather and beautiful (but very cheeky) kids. In my spare time I’m a keen Newcastle United supporter but don’t let my poor judgement in football teams affect your decision to hire me!
Jack Splat

“Jack is an extremely hard working and creative man. He often works late into the night because he wants to get it right. He is the most level headed, sensible, calm and methodical person I know”.

Heather Splat.